Whale Watching

“A thrilling ride to see nature at it’s finest.”

9am, 12pm, 3pm. Groups up to 12.

$60/per person, 2 people for $100

Eco Cat Catamaran

While we will never upset the whales by driving over them, on many occasions they will swim directly to us, even between our hulls. Some think they like our giant catamaran, perhaps our 2 giant 100 foot hulls spaced 50 feet apart remind them of whales playing in the water?

Your adventure begins with close up views of the famous Arch, Lovers Beach and Lands End. All with great photo ops. We then head out in search of the spectacular gentle giant Humpback, Grey, Blue and Orca Whales amongst the thirty-two species of whales and dolphins that love to winter here in Cabo San Lucas.

When it comes to whale sightings, our years of experience here in the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez give us an edge. EcoCat’s Captain Carlos has been nicknamed “The Whale Whisperer” for his uncanny ability to attract whales often when no one else can. Get ready to see nature greatest show of whale behaviors: Breaching, Tail Lobbing, Spy-Hopping, Fin-Slapping and Diving. All while respecting the animal’s comfort zone and the laws for endangered species.

9-11am. Includes Open Bar & Light Lunch

$50/per person.